Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shepastor: “Fiercely Honest: Reflections on Loneliness, Life and Learnings…Words from Rev. Dr. Courtney Pace”

The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. Proverbs 27:7, KJV

Loneliness, a desire to “be a part,” and cruel taunts lead many young people down paths of pain, rejection, abuse and self-destruction. A dear colleague in Ministry, The Rev. Dr. Courtney Pace knows all too well the torment of the aforementioned realities. In her most recent blog post, “Fiercely,” Dr. Pace shares her personal testimony of victory over brokenness through honesty. Below are excerpts from her blog…

I owe Amy Schumer a debt of gratitude. In fact, I almost titled this post, "Thank You, Amy Schumer." Her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, is raw and hilarious, but also wise and right on the mark. She tells her story, just puts it out there, and it's brilliant. I relate to her so much. I'm a professor/preacher, not a comic, but we're about the same age, and we've faced a lot of the same pressures and hardships along the way: an athletic build rather than being stick thin, becoming adults way too fast, career ambition at an early age, and being introverted in a public profession…

…I was always a little different from my peers. I starred in musicals at competitions (Google it). I earned dozens of skating medals. But I was also hella insecure. I was desperate to fit in, to belong. The kids at church had stay-at-home moms who drove them to play dates. The kids at skating lived near each other, across town from me. The kids at school lived near each other, across town the other way. I remember spending a lot of my childhood alone. I was a latchkey kid. I’ve been responsible for my own rides, schedule, meals, and homework since I was 12. At the time, I felt very sophisticated, like I was ahead of the curve. But now, I realize there was so much more childhood to be had, that I never got to have…
I urge you to go to Dr. Pace’s blog (see link below) and read the rest of her story. If not for you, I am confident that you know someone who has or is struggling with many of these same issues. “Fierce” can help them to take the first step towards self-reflection, honesty and freedom.

Rev. Courtney Pace, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Church History at Memphis Theological Seminary. She has a PhD in Religion from Baylor University (2014), a Masters of Divinity in Theology from George W. Truett Theological Seminary (2007), and an Honors Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering, with minors in Mathematics and Psychology, from The University of Texas at Arlington (2004). She researches social justice movements in American religion, particularly race and gender. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, book reviews, and encyclopedia articles, and is currently in the process of publishing her dissertation. She is an ordained Baptist minister and the proud mother of Stanley. She is also the creator of the Stole Sisters podcast, which features women preachers of all Christian traditions.

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