Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shepastor: "Bind Weeds In Your Garden..."

Remain alert. Keep standing firm in your faith. Keep on being courageous and strong. I Corinthians 16:13, International Standard Version

Recently, our family traveled out of town by car. As we rode along the highway, I was impressed with the number of bright green and “flowering” weeds along the road…operative word, “weeds.” The weeds grew strong and tall. It was tempting to think that they belonged there. What was the harm? They looked like the rest of the plants and in some cases were even more beautiful!

My curiosity peaked about these “beautiful” weeds. So, I began to do a little impromptu research on these leafy, flowering, vine like intruders…

The description of two weeds caught my attention…”Morning Glory” and “Bind Weeds.”

Listen to the following descriptions…
Morning Glory belongs to a family of unique and tenacious plants…Morning Glory vine is an annual but reseeds itself so successfully you really wouldn’t know it…the Bindweed grow from underground storage structures that promote the spread of the weed. They are hardy tenacious, opportunistic weeds that get into the cracks and crevasses and are nearly impossible to remove…Controlling Morning Glory will take several seasons and persistent seeds in soil can sprout years later.*

Upon reading the above description, I immediately began thinking about our lives as Christians. So often, the enemy of our souls “sows” in our “gardens” flowering, beautiful weeds…things that may seem harmless, maybe even comforting, encouraging…beautiful, but are in fact choking the very life out of us. When we allow these seeds to take root, they can take years to remove. Depending upon the depth of the root, even if we get rid of them on the surface, the “seeds” can sprout years later!

I will not attempt to list these things…let’s just say anything that goes against the will and the Spirit of God in our lives…things that in our innermost soul we know are wrong, less than what God has for us, sinful but feel good, satisfying and uplifting in the moment, in the season…in short, WEEDS! Sometimes “bind weeds” come in the form of people. Sometimes “morning glories” come in the form of suggestions, ideologies, trends, movements, biases, etc…things that sound good, appear harmless, presents as smooth, uplifting and encouraging, yet at the core are devastating, deteriorating and ultimately destroying your walk of faith.

It was encouraging, however, to read the following concerning eradicating these deceptive vines…

For as stubborn as bindweed can be, it has a very hard time competing with other aggressive plants. Often bindweed can be found in poor soil where few other plants can grow. Improving the soil and adding plants that spread densely will force the bindweed out of the bed…*

Once “spiritual weeds” have infiltrated our hearts, our fellowship, our relationships, they can be difficult to uproot. However, just like bindweeds, the enemy cannot compete with good soil and “aggressive” plants. Bindweeds and Morning Glory thrive in poor soil. But they struggle to survive in good soil and among strong plants.

Do you want to get the flowering weeds and choking vines out of the cracks and crevices of your heart, your fellowship, your relationships? Cultivate good soil and strong plants…Study God’s Word, prayerfully apply it to your life…strive to surround yourself with “strong plants,” …individuals who divide God’s Word rightly, have a strong prayer life...individuals who seek to listen to and obey the voice and leading of God's Holy Spirit and holds you accountable to do the same.

Don’t get tricked by the weeds…they will choke the life out of you!
*Information about the weeds obtained from

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Pastor Chris

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