Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shepastor: “Identity and History”

People want to know who they are but at times are fearful to explore their past. Examining what makes us who we are and the way we are can be a scary thing. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore or deny the “stuff” in our history than deal with the struggle. Our history impacts our worldview. If we have been broken, bruised, misused, neglected, ostracized, criticized, marginalized, we tend to have a spirit of mistrust. If we have been loved, nurtured, encouraged, admired and challenged, we tend to be more open. One would think that common experiences would draw people together, but sometimes it has the opposite effect.

We must avoid allowing the actions and behaviors of a few to close us off from the beautiful opportunities God provides for us in community. Women in general and women in ministry in particular must push past whatever unfortunate bruising experiences we may have encountered while interacting with wounded women.

Women are beautiful, powerful, anointed, gifted, intelligent and influential. Together, we can accomplish so much. Yet we remain so fragmented. Too busy to connect, too closed to embrace, too fearful to trust, too angry to reconcile, too elite to reach down or across, too reluctant to examine our past, our ways and our outlook. How then can we be used to repair the breach?

What’s your history? How has it impacted your identity? Is your history holding your identity hostage? Are you allowing the Lord to rebuild you, heal you, deliver you, comfort you? Will you let go of the bitter and embrace the sweet?

Behold how beautiful and how pleasant it is for “sisteren” to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

Whatever our history, may we seek to surrender our identities to Jesus Christ and become complete in Him.

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Pastor Chris

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