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Shepastor: "Judson Press Features Women Clergy Authors Writing About Women in Ministry..."

Join us for a FREE webinar series on WOMEN IN MINISTRY! During the month of April, we'll hear from leading female clergywomen including: PASTOR CHRISTINE A. SMITH, Covenant Baptist Church, Wickliffe, Ohio REV. MIHEE KIM-KORT, Clergy Commissioner to the General Assembly Mission Council (PCUSA) REV. GRACE JI-SUN KIM, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Earlham School of Religion Webinar Schedule: REGISTER TODAY! Tues. April 19 Here I Am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen Register here: Thurs. April 21 Streams Run Uphill: The Pastoral Identity and Ministry of the Other Clergywomen Register here: Tues. April 26 Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling Register here:

Posted by Judson Press - Christian Publisher since 1824 on Friday, March 18, 2016

She perceives that her merchandise is good...Proverbs 31:18

Over the next few weeks, Judson Press will hold webinars featuring female clergywomen writing about issues facing women in ministry. Below is a description of each. Please join us!

Join us during the month of April as we host a ‘Women in Ministry’ webinar series. You’ll hear from leading female ministers including: Pastor Christine A. Smith, Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort, and Rev. Grace Ji-Sun Kim.
To register, click on the webinar names below.

Tues. April 19 Here I Am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen
Join Grace Ji-Sun Kim as she shares theological reflections and faith stories of Korean American women in ministry that'll provide a window of understanding into the trials they face--a window that may serve as a mirror for other women who know what it is to be marginalized, overlooked, or prejudged based upon gender, ethnicity, culture or appearance. Gain a rare perspective from these stories that will encourage, inspire, and affirm women called to ministry, and surely prompt change in churches, communities, and homes.

Thurs. April 21 Streams Run Uphill: The Pastoral Identity and Ministry of the Other Clergywomen
Join Mihee Kim-Kort as she discusses the unique struggles and successes of clergy women of color in various ministry settings. Hear honest, encouraging, and edifying lessons to help you endure and surmount the uphill endeavor. Gain inspiration in your ministry, insights that affirm that you are not alone, and advocacy to support you as you grow in ministry.

Tues. April 26 Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling
The reality of a stained glass ceiling is familiar to most women called to the pastorate. Despite being more likely to be seminary educated, female clergy constitute approximately 11% percent of ALL Protestant leading pastorates—and those who do hold such pastorates are generally paid less than their male counterparts. A 2015 study conducted by Duke University revealed that this figure has remained the same since 1998. In light of such statistics Rev. Christine A. Smith will explore how to overcome the challenges in breaking through the stained glass ceiling. She will discuss the necessary partnerships between women clergy and “power brokers,” and the role each must play in changing oppressive ecclesiastical dynamics.

Additionally, this webinar will examine the societal, psychological and theological factors that pull women towards “ceiling maintaining” mindsets such as low expectations. The concept of “holy ambition” will be unpacked.

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