Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shepastor: Highlights from the article, “How to Encourage Your Female Pastor”

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I Thessalonians 5:11 English Standard Version
While all pastors need encouragement, female pastors in particular could use an extra measure of support. Female pastors constitute approximately 10% of all pastors in the United States (Barna Group, 2009). While not all, many female pastors serve small, struggling congregations, are paid significantly less and find themselves handling significantly more in order to keep the church moving forward. With these factors in mind, I found the article, “How to Encourage Your Female Pastor,” by Elizabeth (Lisa) Thompson, refreshing. Today, Shepastor shares highlights of six recommendations given to lift and support women in ministry…
“How to Encourage Your Female Pastor” by Elizabeth (Lisa) Thompson
1 Submit to your pastor and honor her… Follow church protocol and order when bringing suggestions to her. Be willing to let her speak into your life… Be respectful by addressing her as "pastor" unless she asks you to call her by another title or her first name.
2 Volunteer. Offer to help her where your strengths lie… Pick an area that works with your schedule and serve loyally and faithfully.
3 Pray for her… Send her a note to let her know of your prayers for her.
4 Let her know how she has helped you. Tell others how she has helped you as well. It won't cost you anything to praise her, but it will bless her. Remember her at Christmas and on her birthday and anniversary, even if you just send her a card.
5 Refuse to listen to negative comments, gossip or slander…If the negative comments are valid, direct the person with the complaints to follow biblical order in dealing with the problem, which is to go directly to the female pastor and speak to her privately. Correct any wrong information with the truth. Give her room to make mistakes. Be understanding and patient. Let her lead according to her own style and don't put her in a box.
6 Find out what makes her tick and encourage her in a way that will bless her. Some people like verbal praise, others appreciate gifts. Some like an affirming hug or touch; while some may be blessed by acts of service….
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