Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shepastor: “Those Preachin Women at the 2012 Empowering and Encouraging Women in Ministry Conference: Pastor Tonya Fields, Pastor Diana L. Swoope, and Pastor Marilyn Parker Jeffries!”

"...How shall they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14, KJV
What an awesome, anointed, power-packed three days the participants at the “Empowering and Encouraging Women in Ministry” Conference experienced as God used three gifted, ministering agents for His glory!
At the Pre-Conference, Pastor Tonya Fields, Senior Pastor of New Freedom Ministries, Cleveland, Ohio poured out of her soul, admonishing the women of God to encourage, love and support one another. Preaching from Philippians 4, focusing on the challenges between two Christian sisters, Euodia and Syntyche, who knew the Lord, but bumped up against differences between each other, Pastor Fields drew comparisons between them and us. She emphasized that these two women needed the Fellowship to help them to work through their issues. She reminded us, “you can’t do it on your own – we need each other!” After her heartfelt, moving and convicting message, she called the congregation to the altar and anointed us all – how the Holy Spirit moved in that place! What healing, what deliverance, what enlightenment happened around the altar that night!
Pastor Diana L. Swoope, Senior Pastor of Arlington Street Church of God, Akron, Ohio rocked the house as she preached from Acts, 2: 14-17; “Living in the Spirit Zone.” Pastor Swoope likened the Christian walk to the Athletes who strive to get in “the zone,” where they operate in such a dynamic, victorious way that they become unstoppable by their challengers. She challenged us to know and understand our call to the ministry, to have a commitment to mastery and excellence and to gain a comprehension of the momentum. If you want to live in the “zone,” and be victorious and unstoppable by the opposition, you better know your calling, commit to excellence and take hold of the momentum when it comes! Don’t let the momentum pass you by!
Pastor Marilyn Parker-Jeffries, Senior Pastor of New Creation Baptist Church, Lorain, Ohio set us on fire as she preached from Luke 15: 8-10; “Lost in the House.” She captured our hearts, minds and spirits as she expounded upon the tragedy of losing something precious right in the house, right in the midst, right in the church! People can be right before us, right around us, right in the midst and yet be lost. Many things, many opportunities, many hopes, many dreams can be lost, right in the house! But God is able to find and restore that which was lost, but some sweepin has to go on! Many things will seek to prevent you from sweeping your house, from seeking and finding what was lost, but we must stand on the word that the “Spirit of the Lord is upon me,” that God’s Spirit has anointed us, has appointed us, has given us a work to do and we cannot allow anyone or anything to stop us from reclaiming what has been lost!
What a time, what a time, what a time! We praise God for those “preachin women!” Next week well share about the plenary session, panel discussion and workshops.
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